"I am personally supporting Mimi Williams for Ward 7 and I hope that others in my community will do so also. I have been living in Ward 7 for almost 20 years and I love living in a neighbourhood with big trees, character homes, and friendly supportive neighbours. At the same time I recognize the challenges facing communities in Ward 7 and believe that Mimi will be a strong advocate in City Hall.

Mimi not only cares passionately but she knows the facts and figures to back up her positions with strong persuasive arguments. I look forward to Mimi taking on a new role in her work with our communities by winning a City Council seat."
- Elizabeth Johannson, Virginia Park

"As a resident of Ward 7, I'm happy to support and endorse Mimi's candidacy. I'm confident she's the best person serve as Councilor, and her platform and passion for both Ward 7 and Edmonton is much needed."
- Kelly McConkey, Eastwood

"I’m a Journeyman Carpenter and I have always known Mimi Williams to be willing to fight the good fight for working people. Mimi will put the needs of her constituents before her own and I am happy to endorse her for Councillor for Ward 7.”
Mike Dakus, Beverly

​"I love Mimi's passion and knowledge when it comes to politics. She cares about the issues that affect us and possesses the confidence to speak her mind in the face of authority. I look forward to seeing her represent us on council."
Sophie Arès-Carle, Alberta Avenue

​“Although Mimi’s knowledge and understanding of municipal government is impressive, it is because she is so passionate, compassionate and empathetic that she has my full support. Mimi is going to be a great Councillor for Ward 7!”
– Neva Murdoch, Highlands

​"I have known Mimi for almost 40 years. I consider her to be a very thoughtful and compassionate person. She has a long background and education in politics and will represent our ward with a high degree of integrity and impartiality."
Laurel Bowers, Highlands

​"I relied on the Edmonton School Hot Lunch Program a lot as a child. Mimi's key role in launching and expanding that program has made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people like me over the last twenty years. Ward 7 will be lucky to have her as a city councillor." 
- Kevin Shepheard

​"Mimi has a solid grasp of the difficult and often seemingly conflicting issues faced by the residents of Ward 7. I know she'll continue to be a strong champion for the services and supports our most vulnerable citizens rely on." 
- Terry Zawalski, Norwood

​"I first met Mimi as a teen-aged member of the New Democrat Youth of Alberta. I always appreciated her ability to cut to the chase and the way she respects everyone she interacts with.

I'm turning 30 this week and as a first time home-owner (made possible because I'm a public sector worker), I know I can count on Mimi to represent my interests because she cares about working class people."
- Denny Holmwood, Beacon Heights

​"Mimi is one of the most principled, dedicated progressive leaders I have met. She truly cares for her community and consistently works to make her vision for a more equitable city a reality. Seeing Mimi elected as Councillor for Ward 7 would bring me a lot of joy."
Reakash Walters, Community Organizer

"I don't know of anyone who works as tirelessly and fearlessly for her constituents as Mimi Williams. I have no doubt her spirit and intelligence will be a much needed breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy city council chamber."
Ian Weetman, Montrose

"Mimi really cares about our ward. I have lived in and around this area since my elementary school years - before the Yellowhead was built - and now live with my husband in the Alberta Avenue area. We have worked hard to improve and revitalize our community and that’s how I met Mimi.

She understands how things work with the city and knows that we need a voice on city council all the time (not just during an election year). We may not agree on everything, but her solutions are well-thought-out and she’s open to listening to what others have to say."
Cora Shaw, Alberta Avenue

"Mimi is very passionate about people and the issues of everyday life that affect them. She is always quick to help out any way she can. Mimi is a strong, smart, independent woman who is going to be an amazing representative on city council.”
Tammy Smith, Killarney

"As someone who grew up in Ward 7 and chose to plant my roots here as an adult, I am excited to vigorously throw my support behind Mimi Williams for City Councillor.

Mimi will be a dedicated and true representative of our ward. She has also lived in Ward 7 and passionately supported it for years and years. And she’s the only candidate who has the knowledge, experience and organization to defeat the incumbent. That’s pretty important to me.”
Christine McMeckan, Bellevue

"Mimi has been active in the community for many years. Her knowledge of civic affairs is extensive. A vote for Mimi is a vote for a tireless community advocate."
Brett Donaldson, Highlands

"I am so tempted to move to Ward 7 so I can be represented by Mimi Williams. I’ve known her for many years. She’s smart, hardworking, and has spent her life championing the dreams of people who don’t often get a seat at the table.

She has proven passionate about improving the lives of Edmontonians, whether through her personal help or through challenging systems that need to be challenged. Her combination of detailed analysis and big picture thinking, of being critical and fair and compassionate, is much needed. Mimi will be brilliant on Edmonton city council."

Timothy Anderson, artist/educator

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