Mimi's priorities include:

  • keeping public services public, affordable and accessible


  • putting a greater focus on pedestrian and cyclist safety in transportation and transit planning


  • using bylaw and zoning mechanisms to deal with derelict properties


  • using tools like inclusionary zoning to increase the stock of affordable housing throughout the city


  • encouraging responsible infill development that promotes multi-generational communities and the ability for seniors to stay in their communities if and when they decide to sell their single family home


  • recognizing that our economy is changing and the way that we look at licensing for small businesses and residential zoning is going to need to change along with it


  • inclusive hiring practices at City Hall and a concerted effort to promote diversity among the appointments to the city's agencies, boards and commissions


  • truly valuing citizen engagement and looking for new ways to get Edmontonians involved in making decisions about their future


  • working with the other municipalities in the region to ensure that citizens get the best services at the best value for money possible


  • trying to preserve whatever farmland we have left and affording Edmonton's historical resources the respect they deserve


  • protect the environmental integrity of the river valley and public access to it


  • pursue development of the Rossdale water treatment plant in a way that honours our city's First Nations Indigenous & Metis history and serves as a lasting monument that we all live on Treaty 6 territory

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  • commented 2017-10-15 15:25:28 -0600
    Please begin to speak publicly about the need to move Lucy the elephant to a sanctuary. As a compassionate society, we can no longer keeping her or other animals captive for human entertainment. Please let’s work to ban exotic animal entertainment in Edmonton.